Episode 07: creating links in Santiago: An interview with art therapist Daniela Besa and Carolyn Krueger

Podcast about art therapy and ways to work creatively with displacement, trauma and difference

An interview with Daniela Besa – conducted by Carolyn Krueger

In this interview Daniela speaks about her work and experiences as an art therapist in Chile. Daniela studied psychology, Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy and Art Therapy in Chile and Spain. She lives in Santiago, where she works as a writer, researcher and therapist in private practice. Daniela has taught in an Art Therapy Master in Chile for 5 years and she is also doing community based art therapy and social projects with museums, hospitals.
Daniela Besa is the chief of two companies: Arte en Viaje, Club de Viaje and Mundo Research (market research company). She has a wide experience in art therapy and psychotherapy with different clients groups regarding drugs and alcohol abuse, domestic and gender-based violence, migration, motherhood and perinatal experiences

A Book that inspired Daniela’s work is:
English:  The Creating Psyche: Theory and Practice of Tertiary Processes by Hector Juan Fiorini

Daniela’s website as mentioned in the podcast is:

Art Therapy Paper:
Besa, D., Ponce, V. (2014) Arte terapia grupal infanto – juvenil en Centro Comunitario de Salud Mental Familiar. PRAXIS. Revista de Psicología. Año 16, nº 25 (7-35).

Children’s Books:
Besa, D (2019) Patricio Erizo descubre el mundo. Santiago: Mutante Editores.
Besa, D. (2019) El Gran Circo de Pulgas. Pichilemu: Ediciones Ruta y Leyenda. Libro infantil en edición cartonera.
Besa, D. (2017) Elisa, ¿qué haces por los techos?  Santiago: Ediciones Contramaestre. Libro infantil.

Music by Christian Umlauf, Olly and Joshua Booth

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