what we do

creating links aims to bring together communities, therapists and other professionals to support those experiencing trauma, displacement and cultural difference.  We follow a multicultural and multidisciplinary approach that builds on international relationships allowing cultural perspectives to be explored and shared within the therapy profession and beyond.  While much of our work takes place in Germany and the UK, we are aware that the issues leading to migration, displacement and trauma do not begin in European host countries. For example, more than 80 % of all displaced people reside in lower-income countries. As we see all related issues as a global challenge, we aim to support communities on an international level.

providing psychosocial support for diverse communities.

In every community those who were forced to migrate due to political upheaval, socioeconomic difficulties or natural catastrophes can be particularly vulnerable. The psychosocial needs can range from emotional and social problems to trauma symptoms. Sharing experiences of work in a wide range of settings can support therapists to enhance their intercultural competencies and continue to look after their own wellbeing.  Often institutions and organisations become of vital importance in fostering resilience and integrating migrants or refugee families into their new surroundings.

Our project aims to establish a sustainable network of professionals who can cater for the emotional needs of displaced and traumatised people. By supporting therapists, collaborating with institutions and training key figures creating links work towards resilient societies with increased social responsibility.

Sustainability and outcome measures

We have an ongoing commitment to ensuring that our work is of high quality and to respond holistically to international political and cultural developments. Our multicultural team reviews the effectiveness and appropriateness of our projects on a regular basis. Measuring outcomes and assessing the quality of our programmes is central to our work and we emphasise individual consultations, preparations and follow-up sessions.

We highly value the opportunity to engage with professionals working across diverse populations and disciplines, continuously utilising their experiences and feedback to develop our approach further. Our team members undertake continual professional development. To ensure best practice and sustainability we keep abreast of developing research concerning our work.